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CCTV Camera

Selling Cheap CCTV Cameras in Jakarta

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is one of the security devices that functions as a tool for taking pictures, there are several types of cameras that differentiate in terms of quality, use and function. The two main things are analog CCTV cameras and CCTV Network Cameras. And each camera will have to be connected to the DVR / NVR as an image recording media.

CCTV cameras are widely used as a security complement and are widely used in offices, airports, shops, factories and even now housing too many who have used this technology.

PT Virini Jaya Hartindo is the most complete, cheapest cctv distributor with the best quality. In addition we also provide a variety of the best and most complete CCTV brands that have become the choice of consumers for all needs. Buy cheap price cctv from us with the best specifications. In addition we also provide services to install CCTV in Jakarta.

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