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Hikvision 4 Channel CCTV Camera Package
Hikvision 4 Channel CCTV Camera Package
Hikvision 4 Channel CCTV Camera Package
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IDR 3768000.00

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Specification of

Hikvision CCTV Camera Package

[CCTV Security] Specifications The Hikvision HD 2MP 4Channel Camera Package

[CCTV Security] We provide Hikvision brand product installation & sales services. Hikvision is a well-known security service brand that has been widely known in Indonesia, even the world with quite affordable prices, but the quality is not disappointing. During the service period, we provide loan units for damaged goods for the convenience of our customers, so that CCTV continues to function properly. Items imported in the CCTV package are as follows:

Hikvision DVR 4Ch DS-7204HQHI-F1 1 unit
Hikvision Camera 2mp / 1080P ind 3 + Out 1
1 TB hard drive (CCTV only)
BNC Connector + DC Male 12 Pcs
Power Supply 12v 10A 1 unit (1 month warranty
HDMI cable 1.5M 1 unit
FREE online setting fee (no monthly / annual fees)
VIRINI JAYA HARTINDO is also available for other CCTV Camera Packages
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