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Speaker TOA Column Speaker
Speaker TOA Column Speaker
Speaker TOA Column Speaker
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Specification of


TOA Column ZS-202C speaker, 20 watts of power, high impedance

TOA Column ZS-202C speaker, 20 watts of power, high impedance
Array speaker system, Aluminum material. Metallic gray color.
Loud, clear and light sound
PT.Virini Jaya Hartindo Provides installation installation and speaker installation services
Accessories: brakcet for mounting to the wall

Can be used indoors or outdoors.
Pay attention to outdoor installation:
- Install the column speaker upright / slightly leaning forward
- Don't overturn, the part with the cable below

Rated Input Selection / Impedance: 20W, 10W (100V line)
Frequency Response: 150 ~ 10,000Hz
Sound Pressure Level (1W / 1m): 93dB
Speaker Components: 4 units 12 cm Dynamic Speaker
Dimensions (WxHxD): 167x580x141 mm
Weight: 5.1kg
Material: Extruded Aluminum casing with punched net grille
Color: Casing; Silver Gray, Grille: Black
Accessories: Bracket

We provide Sound System TOA equipment for mosques, offices, schools, hotel buildings, halls etc. We make sure the TOA product we sell is ORIGINAL.

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