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Speaker TOA Horn Speaker Mesjid
Speaker TOA Horn Speaker Mesjid
Speaker TOA Horn Speaker Mesjid
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Specification of

Speaker For general use in mosques 4 pieces of ZH-652MD can use amplifiers TOA ZA-2240 (240 Watt) then the sound of ZH-652MD will be very optimal. High Impedance system can select the desired power (maximum 50 Watts) is very hard for large mosques Specifications TOA Speaker Horn ZH 652M (50 Watt) Speaker

Horn Speaker TOA ZH 652M (50 Watt) Speaker, 50 Watt TOA Mouthpiece Speaker model ZH-652MD, High Impedance, with

This Speaker Horn is a combination of Horn ZH-652T and Driver unit ZH-652MD

Lighter sound reaching up to 100 meters with proper installation and sufficient height and correct amp power calculation.

VIRINI JAYA HARTINDO team We have a professional team that is ready to handle consultation and installation for installation of audio and sound systems for indoor or outdoor purposes.
Audio sound system is very complex, the field sound system and sound system for the needs in the room are very different, it needs a good and precise calculation based on the size, shape and acoustics of the room to be adjusted according to the type of speaker (ceiling, wall, active speaker, passive speaker , etc.) and speaker size (inch, wattage, etc.) to get good audio quality. Of course these installations and calculations require special handling by professionals who understand the sciences and experience in the audio field


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